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Brocade MCT with VPLS

How to configure MCT with VPLS on Brocade CER. First we need to set up the mpls interface. router mpls mpls-interface e1/1 ldp-enable Now we need to set up vlan for the VPLS under the MPLS process. vpls Test_VLAN 1000 cluster-peer vpls-peer vlan 1000 untagged ethe 1/2 tagged eth 1/3 The Cluster peer… Read More »


In this post we will cover MPLS VPN using the following digram. We have a customer with 2 different sites. We need to creat an MPLS VPN so that site A and site B can share routes. We will be using EIGRP between the 2 sites and between the CE and PE. We will be… Read More »