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Juniper OSPF Conditional Default Route

In this post we will set up a conditional default route for ospf. First we have the following network diagram. The router junos1 has a bgp session to R1 and is connected to junos2 and using IBGP and OSPF. Junos2 is then connected to Junos3 via IBGP and OSPF. [edit] root# show protocols bgp group… Read More »

BGP Communities

In this post we are going to use the BGP community PA to set the Local preference for our routes. We will be using the following diagram The Local Preference is a BGP Path Attribute (PA) which is a well-known discretionary PA. The route with the highest Local Preference is preferred over the route with… Read More »

Basic BGP for JunOS pt2

For this post we will be using the following network diagram. Our objective for this post is to be able to get from JUNOS2 to R1. For this post we will be focusing on the router JUNOS1 for most of the configuration. To begin with we need to set up the interface ip address on… Read More »

BGP Route Reflector

In this post I will explane BGP route reflectors. We will be using the following network digram for this post. Just like all routing protocols BGP has its own loop prevention mechanism. One of these mechanisms is the split horizon rule. The Split horizon rule for routing protocols is “don’t send updates back on the… Read More »

Basic BGP for JunOS

This is how to set up BGP on Juniper. We will setup BGP using the following Diagram. First we need to set the interface IP address. [edit] root# edit interfaces em0 [edit interfaces em0] root# edit unit 0 [edit interfaces em0 unit 0] root# edit family inet [edit interfaces em0 unit 0 family inet] root#… Read More »

Basic BGP setup on Cisco

To begin with we need to set up the below network. We need to configure the IP addressing for all routers. Now we have setup the network we need to configure the iBGP neighbour relationship between R1 and R2. iBGP (internal BGP) is a type of BGP that is used between routers in the same… Read More »