Brocade MCT with VPLS

By | June 7, 2013
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How to configure MCT with VPLS on Brocade CER.

First we need to set up the mpls interface.

router mpls

mpls-interface e1/1

Now we need to set up vlan for the VPLS under the MPLS process.

vpls Test_VLAN 1000
vlan 1000
untagged ethe 1/2
tagged eth 1/3

The Cluster peer is the peer we will be doing MCT-VPLS with where as the vpls-peer we are just doing VPLS with. We define ports we wish to be tagged and untaged on this vlan and then we setup the MCT part.

cluster MCT-VPLS 1
rbridge-id 101
l2vpn-peer rbridge-id 102
client-interfaces delay 30 
client agg-vlans 
rbridge-id 11 
client-interface ethernet 1/3 

We first define the cluster name and number. We then assign an rbridge-id to our self. we then define the peer as a l2vpn peer with there unique rbridge-id and deploy the cluster.

We can then verify if this is working using “show mpls vpls breif redundancy”.

SSH@CER-1#sh mpls vpls brief redundancy
                   Ports    Num    Peers  MCT       MCT FSM
Name         Id     Up     Peers   Up     PW-Role   State
====         ==    =====   =====  =====   ======     ====
Test_VLAN    1000    2       1      1     Active     OPER