OSPFv2 vs OSPFv3 LSA’s

In this post we will talk bout the differences between OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 LSA’s An LSA (Link state advertisement) is a packet-type used by OSPF to communicate information about to network to its neighbors. OSPFv2 uses a number of different LSA’s as listed below. LSA Type 1 – Router LSA – Generated by all routers… Read More »

Juniper OSPF Conditional Default Route

In this post we will set up a conditional default route for ospf. First we have the following network diagram. The router junos1 has a bgp session to R1 and is connected to junos2 and using IBGP and OSPF. Junos2 is then connected to Junos3 via IBGP and OSPF. [edit] root# show protocols bgp group… Read More »

Juniper Routed IPSec VPN

In this post we will talk about setting a routed site to site vpn on juniper SRX. To begin with we need to set the IKE proposal set security {     ike {         proposal Site-To-Site {             authentication-method pre-shared-keys;             dh-group group2;             authentication-algorithm sha1;             encryption-algorithm aes-256-cbc;             lifetime-seconds 28800; For this set… Read More »

OSPF Interface Costs

In this example we will use OSPF Costs to allow us to load balance between links. We have 2 paths to router 2. The fist is directly connected the second is via R1. Lets first trace to R2 and see what path we are using R3#traceroute Type escape sequence to abort. Tracing the route… Read More »

Reliable Default Route – OSPF

In this post we will configure and test a reliable default route using OSPF. First we need to look at the network digram. R1, R2 and R3 are all in the same OSPF area. R3 and R4 are peering via BGP. All devices have a loopback interface x.0.0.0/8 where X is the routers number. As… Read More »

Brocade MCT with VPLS

How to configure MCT with VPLS on Brocade CER. First we need to set up the mpls interface. router mpls mpls-interface e1/1 ldp-enable Now we need to set up vlan for the VPLS under the MPLS process. vpls Test_VLAN 1000 cluster-peer vpls-peer vlan 1000 untagged ethe 1/2 tagged eth 1/3 The Cluster peer… Read More »

Juniper ADSL config

Juniper ADSL config, ADSL config is done on the AT-x/x/x interface. The first thing is to set the vpi and dsl options. In this case we used 0 for vpi and auto for dsl set interfaces at-1/0/0 description ADSL set interfaces at-1/0/0 encapsulation atm-pvc set interfaces at-1/0/0 atm-options vpi 0 set interfaces at-1/0/0 dsl-options operating-mode… Read More »

Juniper Clustering SRX Firewalls

Setting Up Chassis cluster Juniper SRX To set up a cluster the two devices have to be the same model and have the same version.This example uses the SRX 220 firewall. To begin with we need to connect a cable to port 7 and port 5. Before we begin we need to go in to… Read More »

Cisco Basic Zone Based Firewall

In this post we will cover the basic set up of Zone Based firewalls on the Cisco routing platform. We will use the following network for our example. Router R2 will be our Zone Based firewall (ZBF) and R3 will be the outside of our network and C1 is our client computer (which is another… Read More »

BGP Communities

In this post we are going to use the BGP community PA to set the Local preference for our routes. We will be using the following diagram The Local Preference is a BGP Path Attribute (PA) which is a well-known discretionary PA. The route with the highest Local Preference is preferred over the route with… Read More »